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Sample letter to Del Ray Citizen’s Association (DRCA)

The below is a sample letter which you can use to contact DRCA to make your views on the 2525 Mt. Vernon Ave. redevelopment known. While we recommend inserting your own experiences and words, this sample letter will help those who may be short on time or just want some help in getting started.

If you have not joined DRCA, spend the $25 and do so here. It’s important that you be a member if the DRCA position on redevelopment comes to a member vote.

The below may be mailed to:

To DRCA Land Use Committee:

I am writing to express my concerns with the current proposed redevelopment project at 2525 Mt. Vernon Ave. I am a resident of Del Ray and a member of DRCA. From what we have seen of the initial proposals, the proposal for the redevelopment is out of character for Del Ray and is not in keeping with the guiding principles of the Mt. Vernon Ave. Business Area Plan.

Projects which deviate greatly from the established pattern of development risk establishing a precedence for all future redevelopment. In the initial proposal, we have seen the new height and density justified by prior projects. Every exception here will be amplified in future redevelopment along The Avenue.

I am concerned that the increased density does not take into account ways to mitigate through traffic, deliveries or pick up and drop off locations for residents of these units. Overall parking is also a concern as the proposal calls for only the minimum requirement which will force multi-car families and visitors to the surrounding streets.

The architectural design and scale have the potential to alter the historic character of Del Ray. Our neighborhood is unique in Northern Virginia. That uniqueness has made Del Ray a highly desirable place for residents, businesses and visitors alike. Allowing for redevelopment which alters that character and removes the identifying sense of place degrades the appeal of Del Ray and the economic growth that brings. We should continue to celebrate and preserve the Historic Town of Potomac as outlined in the Mt. Vernon Ave.

We cannot count on our current Mayor and City Council to provide any limitations on development without community pressure. With hundreds of millions of dollars in “well-devised growth potential” at stake, the developers will have a drastically different vision of what Del Ray should look like than it does today.

Thank you for your consideration on this topic.