Save Del Ray is a grassroots effort to ensure that the commercial redevelopment of Del Ray and the Mt Vernon Ave corridor continues to respect and adhere to the eleven guiding principles of the Mt Vernon Ave Business Area Plan and Potomac West Small Area Plan. We encourage the legacy of thoughtful development along Mt Vernon Ave which emphasizes historic and neighborhood context.

The Mt Vernon Ave Business Area Plan has helped guide economic growth and property values over the last decade while ensuring that Del Ray retains it’s unique character and sense of history. Since these guidelines were established, Del Ray has seen property values, community engagement, and the number of successful businesses grow exponentially. The Town of Potomac’s history, architectural style and scale has made Del Ray a unique and attractive destination for new residents, visitors, and businesses. Our goal is for Del Ray to continue this success for decades to come. Read the whole story and find out why it matters.

We are residents of Del Ray and are not affiliated with any other commercial, community or political entity.