What are the guiding principles of the Mt Vernon Ave Business Area Plan?

The economic growth of Del Ray is inextricably tied to the historical context and scale of the Town of Potomac. If this sense of place is eroded to maximize investor profit, the value of our community will erode with it. That is why we support the continued development and redevelopment which follows the guiding principles of the Mt Vernon Ave Business Area Plan.

Guiding principles were developed through extensive community input to define the vision for Mt. Vernon Avenue and provide a framework to guide future development and other activities. The guiding principles of the Plan are to:

• Preserve existing historic scale and character
• Protect and enhance Mt. Vernon Avenue as a vibrant commercial corridor
• Encourage and support mixed-use development
• Celebrate the “Town of Potomac Historic District”
• Preserve and protect existing residential areas
• Promote partnerships
• Enhance public spaces
• Provide convenient parking and transportation solutions to support retail growth
• Encourage independent retail
• Capitalize on the neighborhood arts community
• Provide alternative multi-modal transportation linkages

Read the full Mt Vernon Ave Business Area Plan and the Potomac West Small Area Plan for complete details and to see how these guidelines have formed the basis for making Del Ray an economically vibrant and engaged community unlike any other neighborhood in Northern Virginia.